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March 15-17, 2009 LTSC Meeting

Posted by Brandon Muramatsu on March 9, 2009

Listserve:,, etc.

Our March meeting will be held at the ADL Co-Lab in Alexandria 15 through 17.  We will address competencies the first two days and services the last.  We plan to start at 8:30  Eastern Daylight Time (13:30 EU Time) and end at 17:00 EDT.  Remote participants should plan to dial in no later than 9:00 EDT. We will end by 15:00 EDT on March 17 so people can make flights out that day.

Questions? Contact Don Holmes at don [dot] holmes [at] imediait [dot] com.

Documents for the Competency WG meeting can be accessed from the Documents link on this site.

Remote participation: (For the duration of the  LTSC meeting.)

Screen-sharing via Adobe Connect:
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SKYPE Phone: +9900827046972702
Conventional Phone: Country Number + Access Code: 6972702

US 201-793-9022
Austria 0820 401 15470
Belgium 0703 57 134
France 0826 109 071
Germany 0180 500 9527
Ireland 818 27 968
Italy 848 390 177
Spain 902 881 270
Switzerland 0848 560 397
United Kingdom 0870 0990 931


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Posted by ieeeltsc on March 7, 2009

This is the temporary home page for the IEEE LTSC.

The LTSC Web site was being generously hosted (for free) by Utah State University and was scheduled to be migrated later this year. Fate has intervened (one week before a scheduled meeting, naturally). The server is offline.  The site is being re-built on a new server, but meanwhile this site will be used to support the upcoming meeting and make critical documents available.

(There’s an “archive” of the previous site available from the Internet Archive. It’s not pretty but you can get the content from IEEE LTSC Archive from October 26, 2007.)

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