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PAR (As of 2008)

Project Title: Standard for Learning Technology—Aggregation Model for Competencies

Scope: This Standard is the second in a series of IEEE LTSC standards that addresses the need for the reuse and interoperability of competencies. This Standard defines an aggregation model for representing relationships among competencies that conform to IEEE 1484.20.1–2007, IEEE Standard for Learning Technology—Data Model for Reusable Competency Definitions. The aggregation model can be used to define, reference, and exchange competencies and their relationships among cooperating systems.

This Standard does not define a specific representation, encoding, or binding for the aggregation model. Subsequent standards in this series will define bindings for the aggregation model.

This Standard enables information about competencies to be encoded and shared. This Standard does not define whether a competency is a skill, knowledge, ability, attitude, or learning outcome, but it can be used to capture information about any of these.

Purpose: Software systems used in learning, education, training, performance support and human-resource management have a need to interchange, process, interpret, and manage competencies. The aggregation model defined in this Standard will increase the utility of relevant software systems by enabling them to effectively exchange and operate on collections of related competencies.


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